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So I graduated but I've been unemplyed for three months so that's going on. I expected the industry to be kinda hard but this is mostly my fault because I can't make myself work anymore also I hate myself and everything I produce so there's that. Anyway don't worry about me I just needed to whine. 

If I owe you a trade, I haven't forgotten and I'll get it to you within the next few weeks. Obligations don't stop existing just because I decided to be dogshit lol

Anyway I'd like to reiterate that you guys shouldn't worry about me because I'm okay lol
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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
"Cat" will suffice. I'm attending college, studying graphic design.

I enjoy various works of fiction and fantasy, and I hope to one day write or illustrate my own. It's really just a hobby, for the time being. I post stuff here that isn't related to school or my chosen career.

A couple things:

1. Everything here is for funsies kind of. A lot of it is sad and weird and nerdy and badly drawn so yeah. I apologize ahead of time.

2. I like constructive criticism but I'm kind of a softie and a bad communicator so I need things explained a lot. But please do tell me if I can do anything to improve! I really REALLY want to get better at this stuff.

3. I like talking to other artists a lot but I'm bad at social cues. Please tell me if I come across as annoying or aggressive.

Ask about my personal tumblr and my art blog!

:iconnorequests: :iconnokiribans: :icontradesask: :iconcollabsask: :iconpointcommissionsask: :icongiftsfriendsonly:


My feelings towards the Spyro fandom run between "I miss it" and "keep them away from me forever"
If you joined this site at any point around age 13-16 you're probably done anywhere between 3 and 10 very stupid things, and you've almost certainly had at least one argument in the comments on a stamp. We've all been there.
I'm scared but I can't talk to anyone irl because I'm closeted offline and my family is suuuuuper right-wing.
I need to finish this midterm but nah I'm just sitting here pondering the dateability of the "least attractive" Overwatch character.

In other words: what I need to do is work, what I want to do is Roadhog.
I know Roadhog is supposed to be a "repulsive" character... but man... I'd hit it. 
I'm not sure if I can catch up with Inktober. I'm falling back into "the rut" off and on and it's killing my ability to confidently create anything. If you commented on anything, I'll reply eventually for sure. I'm just not good for much right now.
Kinda want to bitch about some exhausted tropes right now. Kinda also already been too pissy as it is lately.
Falling behind pretty hard on Inktober. I'm thinking of actually digging up some old fan-characters from fandoms long past and re-designing them for fun. Expect a LOT of Spyro-style OCs because I'm missing the fan-dragon community a little.
The month of Halloween has begun. It's time to get spoopy.



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