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I kinda worked myself through everything gradually again. I've been at point where I've thought "I'm okay now" and fallen back in several times, though, so I don't want to say that the problem is completely gone because I feel like as soon as I say "I'm okay" I'll fall right back in again. That being said, though, I'm in a lot better of a position at this moment than I was last night.

I don't like saying things like "I'm fine" because I feel like it'll invalidate any future complaints I have if I happen to fall back into the rut. At the same time, I wanna make sure nobody is too worried about me.

I'm still going to seek profession help as soon as I can afford to. Just thought I'd update you guys on how I'm doing today though.

Still not gonna draw much because I haven't had the energy in general with this whole "getting a retail job" thing.


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
"Cat" will suffice. I'm attending college, studying graphic design.

I enjoy various works of fiction and fantasy, and I hope to one day write or illustrate my own. It's really just a hobby, for the time being. I post stuff here that isn't related to school or my chosen career.

A couple things:

1. Everything here is for funsies kind of. A lot of it is sad and weird and nerdy and badly drawn so yeah. I apologize ahead of time.

2. I like constructive criticism but I'm kind of a softie and a bad communicator so I need things explained a lot. But please do tell me if I can do anything to improve! I really REALLY want to get better at this stuff.

3. I like talking to other artists a lot but I'm bad at social cues. Please tell me if I come across as annoying or aggressive.

Ask about my personal tumblr and my art blog!

:iconnorequests: :iconnokiribans: :icontradesask: :iconcollabsask: :iconpointcommissionsask: :icongiftsfriendsonly:


Glad I yanked my own ass out of a depression in time for Inktober. However, since I'm now an adult of the "has a job" variety, my ink sketches will be small and low-detail, with the exception of the last few, which will be fancy and Halloween themed!
I don't even know what I want out of art anymore. I feel like anything that I create that soothes me on a personal level can't possibly be of value enough to justify posting it. I feel like I don't deserve to be happy unless I create art for everyone but myself, but if it doesn't help me find what's missing, what's even the point?
Update: Got a job in retail. It's not what I've been wanting, but it's going to put me closer to being self-sufficient so I'm excited regardless!
Skills are interesting things about a character, but they're not even close to being the same as virtues, nor are deficiencies necessarily the same as character flaws. I'm going to scream the next time I see a middle-aged white dude allowed to act like a dick because he's smarter than everyone around him. Or, the inverse - character who's typically on the receiving end of mistreatment and we're supposed to laugh instead of feel actual sympathy for them because they're some variety of weak or otherwise unskilled/uneducated.
I can't verbally articulate my OCs' motivations for anything but I can tell you in-detail what they'd use Snapchat for, and I think that tells you a lot about my priorities.
I would personally love to be functional again. (Or whatever it was I used to be that was closer to functioning than THIS)
If a twenty-something ever tries to pronounce themselves a "Fandom Mom/Dad/Whatever" please stay very far away from them. They are bad news.
Bowser has eight kids, so he qualifies as a DILF. Do what you will with that information.



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